Due to People's Coronavirus concern we are reminding our clients that at our location, pathogens  are not welcome! As our sanitation is way over any standards!
Coronavirus Safe! 99.9%

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OZONE (O3) gas

has been proven
INACTIVATE the CORONAVIRUS and many other biological pathogens and parasites!

There are more than 17 scientific studies that show Ozone gas neutralize the coronavirus particularly.
Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are broken into atoms by the electrical plasma discharge during lightning storms, High-intensity UV light, from the Sun and Ozon generator. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone without regrouping back into diatomic oxygen molecules. During this recombination stage, some atoms will regroup into loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen. This new molecule is called Ozone or O3.
Ozone generators can make ozone from normal air and are normally used as room disinfectants.
The antipathogenic effects of ozone have been substantiated for several decades. Its killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in many species of protozoa, serve as the basis for its increasing use in disinfecting municipal water supplies in cities worldwide.
Typically, viruses are small, independent particles, built of crystals and macromolecules. Unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell. Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage to the viral RNA. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or exterior protein shell by oxidation.
Numerous families of viruses including poliovirus I and 2, human rotavirus, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, and Hepatitis A, B, and non-A non-B are among many others that are susceptible to the virucidal actions of ozone.
Most research efforts on ozone’s virucidal effects have centered upon ozone’s propensity to break apart lipid molecules at sites of multiple bond configuration. Indeed, once the lipid envelope of the virus is fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot survive.
Non-enveloped viruses (Adenoviridae, Picornaviridae, namely poliovirus, Coxsackie, Echovirus, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis A and E, and Reoviridae (Rotavirus), have also begun to be studied. Viruses that do not have an envelope are called “naked viruses.” They are constituted of a nucleic acid core (made of DNA or RNA) and a nucleic acid coat, or capsid, made of protein. Ozone, however, aside from its well-recognized action upon unsaturated lipids, can also interact with certain proteins and their constituents, namely amino acids. Indeed, when ozone comes in contact with capsid proteins, protein hydroxides and protein hydroxides and protein hydroperoxides are formed. Viruses have no protections against oxidative stress.
The enveloped viruses are usually more sensitive to Physico-chemical challenges than are naked virions. Although ozone’s effects upon unsaturated lipids is one of its best-documented biochemical action, ozone is known to interact with proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. 

We are using ozone generator safely:

  • After manual disinfection, the Ozone generator is set on a timer to disinfect the area.
  • Once the timer is off, a full area ventilation is applied for 20 minutes to ensure its neutralisation.
  • This safety measure is very important, As the same chemical properties that allow high concentrations of ozone to react with organic material outside the body give it the ability to react with similar organic material that makes up the body, and potentially cause harmful health consequences.
  • Safe use of Ozone is highly effective against all kind of pathogens and is totally harmless for Humans.
"Mindful approach + High Technologie = Safe place"

Fabric Disposable Massage Table Sheet

  • Made of a non-woven, unscented, eco-friendly material.
  • Superior to paper; will not stick to skin.
  • It provides extra protection for the skin during therapy.
"Amazing tricks to keep yourself safe and comfy. "
all cover sheets are STERILIZEd and are not reused

We are using high quantities of “cold water Vanish”. As it is containing an extreme amount of OXYGEN and ENZYMES.  

Both of them are Super Aggressive on Grease and Protein Eating, which are the main component of any bio-matter! 

Extra double-rinse is added to the process to surely wash it off the fabric. 

After each client, the used cover sheet is removed for the rewash and a new sheet is set to accomodate next patient. 

All tools and surfaces are constantly washed and sanitized!

Sanitizing wipes are Ultimately effective!

They are putting traction onto the surface and are leaving a liquid trace of disinfector for some time continuing their micro-biological matter extermination. 

Once dry – the product is not active and won’t hurt the skin. 

Every day, a general clean-up is performed as well. 

We are wearing face masks

  • Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can penetrate masks. However, masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is a main transmission route of coronavirus, and some studies have estimated a roughly fivefold protection versus no barrier alone (although others have found lower levels of effectiveness).

    If you are likely to be in close contact with someone infected, a mask cuts the chance of the disease being passed on. If you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, or have been diagnosed, wearing a mask can also protect others. So masks are crucial for health and social care workers looking after patients and are also recommended for family members who need to care for someone who is ill – ideally both the patient and carer should have a mask.

    However, masks will probably make little difference if you’re just walking around town or taking a bus so there is no need to bulk-buy a huge supply.


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